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One Day ConferenceAI & Data Compliance: Update Summit


Monday, 22nd April 2024 - Central London, UK

(In-Person Attendance)



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The use of Artifical Intelligence evokes both fear in some and excitement in many. What’s clear is that there are huge possibilities for all organisations in terms of productivity, creativity, service development, cost savings and profit. In order to be able to lawfully exploit this potential, organisations must understand how legal requirements operate to govern the use of AI.


Update Event - In Association with Bristows


Event Overview


This highly practical one-day update event provides a detailed exploration into the topic of AI, and how it fits within new and existing regulatory frameworks. Providing up-to-date guidance on existing and upcoming AI regulation, as well as the approach of the supervisory authorities to artificial intelligence, this event gives organisations the opportunity to explore the benefits whilst mitigating the potential risks of this new technology.

This event combines PDP's reputation for producing highly practical events with the expertise of Bristows LLP, one of the world's leading law firms.



Speakers Presentations Topics 



An Introduction into AI - Technical Overview

What is AI and how does it work? This session introduces the technology behind AI, and how it relies on data to perform its function.

Mark Watts

Mark Watts - Partner, Bristows




Using AI & Data - An Organisational Perspective

This session examines the potential uses of AI within a typical organisation and explores associated acceptable use policies. 

Emily Marc Dautlich

Emily Atkinson - Associate, Bristows

Marc Dautlich - Partner, Bristows




AI & Data Regulation

This in-depth session provides different perspectives into Artificial Intelligence and how it fits within data regulation.

mark-watts-eeeded Stephen

Mark Watts - Partner, Bristows

Stephen Almond - Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)




Use of AI in Sector-Specific Industries

This session focuses on AI within regulated sectors and how the use of this new technology affects employees across different industries.

michael-eeeded Mac Macmillan Toby

Gaming - Michael Edgar - Senior Associate, Bristows

Life Sciences - Mac Macmillan - Senior Associate, Bristows

Media - Toby Headdon - Senior Associate, Bristows




The EU AI Act - What it is and How to Prepare

As policymakers reach a deal on landmark Regulation, the EU AI Act in its final form is likely to impact organisations integrating AI into their organisational practices. Who will the Act apply to, and what can organisations do now to prepare to ensure they comply?

Vik Khurana Chris

 Vik Khurana - Partner, Bristows

Chris Holder - Partner, Bristows



AI & Privacy

This session explores how AI gives rise to specific privacy and data protection challenges, and how the Regulators are currently approaching them.

Mark Faye

 Mark Watts - Partner, Bristows

Faye Harrison - Senior Associate, Bristows




AI & Data Issues - How to Mitigate the Risks

As with all new technologies, AI has its limitations. This session examines the potential problems affecting AI (include misinformation, hallucination, accuracy, and safety and alignment) and offers up practical guidance to organisations looking to mitigate these risks.

Emma Jamie

 Emma Macalister-Hall - Senior Associate, Bristows

Jamie Cox - Associate, Bristows




Adopting AI in Your Organisation

This session looks at the different models through which an organisation can leverage and use AI tools and services, and provides delegates with the ‘top 10’ issues organisations should identify, manage and mitigate when seeking to adopt AI.

Vik Anneke

 Vik Khurana - Partner, Bristows

Anneke Pol - Associate Bristows




Attendance Fee & Additional Information


The fee for this Event is £495.00 plus VAT per delegate.


Attendance includes:

  • Complimentary lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ask questions to Speakers face to face during Q&A sessions
  • Professionally bound hardcopy of presentations materials

For additional information on fees, please see our Terms and Conditions or FAQs.




The AI & Data Compliance Update Summit is taking place in Central London    

Update Event - AI & Data Compliance - held at Bristows Office, London, UK


Conference Timetable


  9.30am Registration & Coffee
  10.00am Presentations
  1.00pm Lunch
  2.00pm Presentations
  4.00pm Event Finishes









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